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3 Things That Will Make Your House More Sellable

10th November 2022

In September, we saw the number of homes sold in the UK drop by nearly 40%, and there’s pessimism about the housing market next year, with Nationwide predicting an 8-10% fall in house prices. This isn’t what you’re wanting to hear if you have a desire to sell your home, but there are still buyers...

How To Make Your Home Look Eerie-Sistable This Halloween

19th October 2022

Halloween is lurking around the corner, ready to creep up on us! Enter the spirit of the season by decorating the exterior of your home. There are numerous ways you can create a fang-tastic impression on your neighbours and trick or treaters. Mid Wales has you covered with decorating tips that will make your house...

Mid Wales’ Guide To Saving Energy In Your Home

29th September 2022

Despite the recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the energy crisis, many households will still struggle to pay their energy bills this winter. Liz Truss declared that a household who uses a ‘medium’ amount of energy will not pay more than £2,500 per year in energy bills for at least the next two years....

Traditional Or Modern Home? Find Complementary Windows At Mid Wales

18th August 2022

There’s nothing more off-putting than windows that don’t match the style of property. For us anyway! Replacement windows should preserve the character of a traditional home and complement contemporary properties too. Mid Wales can help you find the perfect windows in our stylish range. For a summary of our varied collection of window styles for...

Home Makeover Trends For Summer 2022

22nd July 2022

We can easily understand why you may have decided not to go abroad this summer with rising living costs to pay for and huge queues at most of our airports. You can just relax at home during your time off instead and perhaps use some of it to update your property to refresh its look...

How To Create More Space In Your Home This Summer

30th June 2022

The longer we live in our homes, the more items we accumulate over time, leaving us with less space in our properties. It’s only natural to crave more space, especially during the summer months when temperatures are rising and the children are off school. People tend to look for properties with spacious living spaces especially...

How To Give Your Home A Modern Makeover In 3 Simple Steps

26th May 2022

We all want to make a good first impression whether it’s at a new job or simply meeting someone for the first time. First impressions are also very important when it comes to our homes. Everyone wants their neighbours or guests to feel welcomed when entering our homes. Modernising our home’s entrance can not only...

Utilise Energy Efficient Windows And Doors To Try And Reduce Your Reliance On Expensive Energy

14th April 2022

As prices increase at the supermarket and petrol stations, homeowners are looking to save money in different ways. Limiting the amount of energy you consume in your home is a great way to save money. In addition, the less energy consumed at your home also is environmentally conscious. Starting on April 1st, energy suppliers will...

3 Steps To Achieve A Light-filled Home

14th March 2022

Brighter days are ahead. The start of spring is just a few days away, with the clocks going forward not long after. When daylight savings begins, we will all be blessed with an extra hour of sunlight in our homes that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Natural light can do wonders for our mental and...

Enhance Your Home With A Bright Colour Scheme

14th February 2022

We are all desperately awaiting brighter days. With the clocks going forward at the end of March, we still have a little while to go until evening sunsets become a regular occurrence. But instead of simply wishing February away, you can use colour to create a lighter, warmer atmosphere in your home. Add colour to...

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