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3 Frighteningly Good Ways To Decorate Your Home For Halloween

Spooktacular decorations for your home

The nights are closing in fast and the weather is turning cold, which is a sign that Halloween is lurking just around the corner. 

Don’t be freaked out by that if you’re the kind of family that likes to decorate their home for this scary occasion and you haven’t yet done it, as there’s still time to add some boo-tiful touches. 

You don’t need to go too overboard with giant spider webs or massive inflatable gravestones and Frankensteins in the garden. Just some Halloweeny embellishments to your windows and doors will do the trick and work an absolute treat.

Hang an autumn wreath on your front door

Why wait a few weeks until Christmas to put a wreath on your door? You can do it right now, as many others are, proudly displaying autumnal wreaths on their front doors. 

Some of the wreaths you see on doors will have been bought from places like Etsy, but you will also come across a few that are home-made, using wire and the autumn leaves.

Autumnal wreath

Get your entrance looking eerie

There’s nothing scary about a door wreath, so make it spine-chilling and eerie with things like pumpkins outside of your entrance. 

You could have a day out at a pumpkin patch so that any kids in your family can pick out some pumpkins, which is far more fun than just getting them off a supermarket shelf. Once you get the pumpkins home, it’s time to carve them, and there are loads of free stencils you can find online. After your carving is done, put battery-powered lights in the pumpkins to bring the designs alive. 

For a frightening finish to the entrance, roll out a doormat that says ‘Turn Back Now’.

Pumpkin patch

Create a light display in your windows

To draw attention to your spooktacular-looking house, install string lights around your windows with flashing red and orange bulbs, which will give it a ghoulish glow at night. 

On any available window sills, how about putting mason jars on them with pretty fairy lights? They will make your indoor space feel warm and cosy, a great ambience to enjoy watching all your favourite ghost stories.

Lights around windows

While making your windows and doors look devilishly-good, you may come to the decision that the time is ripe for new windows and doors. Mid Wales Windows can help you get this organised. Just ask us for a FREE quote.

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