If you’re considering choosing a door from Mid Wales’ collection, it’s likely you’ll have a few unanswered questions at this stage. You may be able to find the answer below.
Is every composite door the same?

Despite their similar appearances, our composite doors are quite different. The average depth of a standard composite door is 44mm, which will typically have a foam filling. A standard composite door has a lightweight design and a GRP colour skin.

Our Solid Core doors are thicker with a depth of about 48mm. Made from laminated layers of timber, this makes them stronger and more resilient than a foam filled door. They also come with a 10 year guarantee. Our Solid Core doors also have a UPVC skin which makes it more straightforward if you wish to colour match the door to your frame.

The standard and Solid Core versions do vary in price so if you have a budget in mind, please let a Mid Wales advisor know this when searching for the perfect composite door.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Can I have two different colours on the internal side and external side of the door?

If you wish to choose a bold finish for the external and a more neutral colour for the internal, or vice versa, that won’t be a problem. We have a wide-ranging palette that you can select from and our team of advisors can help you find the perfect, high-quality finish for both sides of your door.

Internal White Composite Door


You’ll find some frequently asked questions and answers below. If you don’t find the answer to your specific question, get in touch to speak with a Mid Wales customer advisor.

How many keys would I be given?

We will give you three keys with our new door. However, if you require extra keys, just let us know when you finalise the order. Alternatively, we can cut keys for you at a later date.

Will I be able to use the same key for both doors? (Suited)

Yes, this is simple to do. Please make sure to let your Mid Wales advisor know when placing your order so that the same key works for both doors.

What does Secured by Design mean?

We strive to make all our doors compliant with ‘Secured by Design’ – a police flagship initiative designed to ‘design out crime’ and maximise physical security. Secured by Design is a Police-approved security initiative that’s all about enhancing the security of buildings and their surroundings to make safer places to live.

We’re thrilled to announce that many of our doors meet the high standards of SBD, following extensive testing and reviews.

Making your door secured by design couldn’t be simpler, just speak to a member of our team about the various glass and accessory options.

What does a 3-star rated door barrel mean?

If a door has a 3-star cylinder you can be confident it provides heightened security. A 3-star door cylinder is the highest rated cylinder on the market. To prevent the possibility of the barrel being damaged, we include snap-secure technology with a lockdown mode to our cylinders.

Can a French door be completely folded back?

Yes! Once an egress hinge is installed, your French doors will be able to fold back fully so you can enjoy a stunning view of your garden without restrictions.

What should I choose – sliding patio doors or bi-folds?

This is a personal choice! Both our patio doors and bi-folding doors will make a stunning addition to your home, seamlessly connecting your home to your outdoor space. Our sliding patio doors have slimmer frames so they give a more full view when the doors are closed. However, a bi-folding door can completely fold back so it provides a fuller opening. Speak to a Mid Wales advisor if you need help choosing between the two feature doors.


At Mid Wales, we believe in sticking to our promises to provide the best service to our customers. We hope you feel confident in placing your trust in us.


Our design consultants are also on hand to provide you with the most knowledgeable advice to help you make the best decision for your property. Mid Wales insists on providing a non-pushy sales service so that you can view products at your own leisure and without any unnecessary pressure.


We don’t artificially inflate our prices in order to offer dramatic but bogus discounts. We simply offer good deals and honest value for money. Our high-quality products have been designed to last for your future.

Comprehensive Guarantee

You’ll find a minimum of a 10 year guarantee on all our products across the board. These guarantees reflect the quality of our products and incredible installation techniques.

Price Promise

We believe our prices are fair and competitive. However, if you find a better quote for a similar product of the same quality, let us know within 14 days and we will deduct the difference from your bill.


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