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Casement windows have remained popular because of their timeless design and versatility. Consisting of multiple panes of glass, casement windows have proven to be particularly good at matching the variety of housing styles found here in Mid Wales, including heritage and contemporary styles. One of the unique features of casement windows is their functionality. Hinged at the side and opening like a door, replacement casement windows can be opened fully from top to bottom; providing you with incredible ventilation and sunlight. Featuring single levers or tandem latches, Casement windows are very easy to open and close.

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If you have reached the end of your tether with your old windows, Mid Wales Windows is the place to come to for quality replacement double windows. Our double glazed units will heighten security at your home and kill off the draughts that cause you to cover up to keep warm. You can rely on our window consultants to ensure you get the right sort of double glazed replacement windows so that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Functionality - It might be the first time that you have had to go out and buy replacement windows for your home and you’re unfamiliar with how the various window styles function. In these circumstances, you’re encouraged to come to our showroom so that you can play with our windows and discover that some of them tilt & turn, while others slide up and down. Gaining a better understanding of window functionality will definitely prove beneficial.

Guarantee - There will be an assumption amongst some customers that Mid Wales will provide a 10 year guarantee with all replacement windows, but we can do better than that! You will take receipt of a 20 year guarantee at the conclusion of the window installation, meaning that you’re covered for any eventuality over the next two decades. The materials, components and technology we use to develop our windows give us the confidence that our replacement window designs will last for at least this length of time.

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Aesthetics – Any new windows fitted should not disturb the overall character of the house, more enhance it. Remember this when you are trying to find an appropriate window style to take the place of your existing window designs.

Thermal Efficiency – Do you dread the arrival of the winter months because of the ineffective insulation provided by your current windows? Fitting replacement windows will significantly warm up your living space and save you a massive amount of money.

Motivation – What is the reasoning behind your decision to buy new windows? Do you want a prettier home or do you no longer want to repaint and repair your old windows every few months? Inform Mid Wales Windows of your motives so that we can suggest the most appropriate new windows.

Finishing Touches – Every replacement window sold at Mid Wales needs some sort of finishing touches. These finishing touches can encompass handles, hinges, locks and an array of other window components. They will complete the design.

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A complete service from start to finish.

Here at Mid Wales we take great pride in delivering levels of customer service that are second to none. You’ll find that exceptional standards are simply normal from all the people you will deal with, from showroom and design staff through to the skilled builders and fitters who will visit your home.

You can relax, watch our video and discover one of the reason hundreds of homeowners choose Mid Wales Windows & Conservatories.

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