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Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Home Security

Britain will be shrouded in darkness for much of the days after the clocks go back in a few days’ time, and we’ll start to feel the cold much more. 

It won’t be too cold for burglars though. They don’t mind the freezing weather, and they love it being dark outside earlier too because they see it as their chance to raid a few homes, with a lower risk of getting caught 

You cannot be certain that one of the homes they go for won’t be yours! If it is targeted, you need it to be up to repelling the threat.

Advice on home security is available from the National Home Security Month website, which runs during October. Mid Wales also has some guidance for you on this important topic: 

Fit a working burglar alarm

You would presume that most UK homes have a burglar alarm, but you couldn’t be more wrong. At present, just a third of them do, leading to a home being burgled every 106 seconds at the princely sum of £3,000. 

Burglar alarms aren’t expensive. For just £200+, you can get a reliable bells-only, silent, wireless or dialler alarm bought and fitted.

As soon as they detect an attack on a home, these alarms will alert you to the threat, so they’re one of the finest protective measures and pay for themselves. 

Don’t leave out a spare key

You really are playing a dangerous game if you regularly leave a spare key out for someone to collect because there have been numerous examples of thieves pinching spare keys from under doormats and outdoor plants to let themselves into a house.

Not having to make a forced entry to rob you of your belongings will not be looked on favourably by your home insurance company!

It costs hardly anything to get some spare keys cut for the people who really need them, so do that, and hand them out instead.

Get secure windows and doors installed

What will keep a thief out is a set of windows and doors that stand firm against all attempts made to force them open. 

Give them a security test of your own. Properly engage the windows and doors and give them a solid push to see if you can see or feel any movement, which shouldn’t be the case. 

The installation of brand-new windows and doors will give you the assurance you need as they will be internally glazed and have multiple secure components, including a multi-point locking system.

For a great deal on new secure windows and doors, go to our Special Offers page to find out about our Autumn Sale and get a FREE quote.

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