Give Your New Build A Traditional Aesthetic

Give Your New Build A Traditional Aesthetic

Isn’t the idea of a new build home just so appealing? It’s like a fresh canvas waiting for your personal touch!

But sometimes new builds can lack a cosy charm that more traditional homes have.

New builds have their perks, like avoiding complicated property chains, but who says you have to settle for a super modern, sleek design if that’s not your thing?

If you’ve found yourself in the world of new builds, either owning or thinking about buying one for the sheer convenience of it all, you can still add that warm, traditional charm you’ve been dreaming of.

Why not embrace our cottage windows?

You know what really gives those traditional homes their character? Their heritage style windows! You can bring that same charm to your new build with our heritage cottage windows.

Our cottage windows offer a nostalgic nod to the past while incorporating contemporary conveniences. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they boast superior energy efficiency and functionality.

Customisation options, such as divided panes and decorative glazing bars, allow you to tailor the windows to complement the architectural style you admire.

Heritage windows in Anthracite Grey

Selecting timeless finishes

In contrast to the prevalent modern trend of minimalist colour schemes, such as white, cream, or black, opt for traditional hues instead.

Deliberate choices like Chartwell Green for your doors and windows can evoke tranquillity and sophistication, reminiscent of country estates and historic manors. This soft, muted green hue carries a timeless quality that transcends trends.

When paired with classic white trim, a Chartwell Green front door will distinguish your new build from its neighbours.

Chartwell Green front door

Integrate vintage-inspired details

Consider antique light fixtures, ornate door hardware, and reclaimed wood beams to infuse your property with a timeless aesthetic.

Embrace statement furniture pieces with distressed finishes and adorn your walls with vintage artwork, patterned wallpaper, and framed botanical prints to further enhance an older aesthetic.

While new builds may initially feel impersonal, the layering of vintage-inspired details gives them a sense of lived-in comfort and nostalgia.

An antique lamp

By incorporating these traditional elements, your new build not only elevates its visual appeal but also creates a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.

For expert assistance in transforming your new build into a space that seamlessly blends modern convenience with timeless charm, reach out to the Mid Wales team to book an appointment.


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