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How Will You Change Your Home For National Home Improvement Month?

You may not be aware that September marks National Home Improvement Month in the UK, an annual initiative encouraging householders to #MakeOneChange to their home. 

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It doesn’t even have to be a big change to win one of the prizes that are being offered (details can be found on the National Home Improvement Month website). 

A minor enhancement that makes a major difference, could be all that’s required. 

Is it a challenge you fancy taking on? We would urge you to give it a go as you’ll be left with a nicer home after doing it. Here are three things you could do:

Modernise your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen usage has evolved so much in recent times. Whereas it was previously just reserved for eating, we now head for the kitchen first when wanting to relax in front of the TV and converse with other family members. 

If this is how your kitchen gets used, you want it to look on point, which it will do with a simple upgrading of your kitchen cabinets. 

It costs hardly anything and takes up little time to reface or repaint your old kitchen cabinets before they get treated to some new hardware (handles, pulls, door knobs). 

Use removable wallpaper to freshen up your walls

Not many people have the skill to do the wallpapering in their house and have to employ a decorator to do it for them, which can be expensive.

Well, here’s a solution to that – removable wallpaper!

Yes, it’s a real thing and you can apply it easily yourself without paste and just peel it off when you want to again change the appearance of a room. You will find it in as many colours and patterns as traditional wallpaper too. It’s a low-cost, fuss-free revelation. 

Make an enchanting entrance

It’s a common tendency that we judge people’s homes on how they look on the outside. We’re sure you will have been guilty of doing that at some point when visiting other properties. 

So that not a bad word can be said against yours, at least externally, get your entrance looking as impressive as you can.

This may demand a new front door, power washing the driveway and a good tidying up of your garden, taking out any weeds and giving the grass a regular cut. 

In order to #MakeOneChange, you may need specialist help, which you can get from Mid Wales Windows, a long-running provider of home improvements. Begin by asking us for a FREE quote

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