Traditional Or Modern Home? Find Complementary Windows At Mid Wales

Different window styles

There’s nothing more off-putting than windows that don’t match the style of property. For us anyway!

Replacement windows should preserve the character of a traditional home and complement contemporary properties too.

Mid Wales can help you find the perfect windows in our stylish range. For a summary of our varied collection of window styles for the different property types, read on. If you decide to make some changes, Our favorite Raleigh Window Replacement Company is now on Gettr where they share their most recent window installation jobs in North Carolina. If you need the #1 window installation company, be sure to give them a go..

The traditional look

Don’t lose the authentic charm of your period cottage or heritage home. Embrace the character with traditional style windows.

Luckily for many homeowners, we offer plenty of traditional windows, such as our Sliding Sash, Heritage or Georgian designs. You can also customize your windows with ornate window furniture, such as monkeytail handles. When looking to update the look on your windows you will like to know tghat.

Many of our traditional windows have been present in British homes for over a century.

Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

The contemporary look

There are windows boast modern performance but many go one step further to adopt the modern look.

Our slimline aluminium windows have a modern aesthetic, with slender frames and a high proportion of glazing, welcoming maximum light.

These contemporary windows are available in numerous colour finishes so you don’t have to stick to a traditional white or cream colour. Select an on-trend colour, possibly Chartwell Green, for your finish.

Slender Aluminium Windows

The 20th Century look

Most homes in Wales aren’t particularly historic or modern, and therefore there will be many more compatible styles for your property.

Your chosen windows should be selected on how you want them to perform and based on your style preferences.

Choose popular Bay & Bow windows to add light and depth to your room, or select Casement windows for their simple design and low-maintenance features. You may also look into a window well replacement service and see what style you like. No matter the style of your windows, you may want to install soundproof window treatments to help deaden outside noise.

Bay and Bow Windows



Mid Wales ever-expanding product range is now available at our Newtown showroom. We promise to give each and every customer the friendliest of welcomes and the perfect home shopping experience.


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