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How To Make Your Home Look Stylishly Festive For Christmas

We’re now into December, so you should be feeling Christmassy by now. If you’re not full of festive cheer, we bet that you haven’t decorated your house yet. 

A decorating day is always guaranteed to put you in a Christmassy mood. 

On your next day off, slip on your favourite festive sweater, blast out a bit of Slade on the stereo, and get to work on making your home a sensational seasonal sight. 

For any decorating ideas, you can rely on Mid Wales Windows for some on-trend inspiration:

Hang your Christmas tree upside-down 

If you’re on social media, you may have seen people posting pictures of upside-down Christmas trees. They haven’t done it mistakenly, it’s a real thing. 

Ariana Grande is one of the best-known names to do it, but it’s a concept that’s happened before, first occurring in the Middle Ages as a religious idea. 

If you do a search online for ‘upside-down Christmas trees’, you will see that many retailers are selling them, including Christmas Tree World.

Light up your stairs

We like to put lights in our windows at Christmas, so why not adorn your stairs with them too, rather than leave them bare. 

Make use of the bannister, covering it with an all-natural garland that stretches from the top of it to the bottom, filled with fairy lights. The stair rails can also have smaller garlands wrapped around them. 

And to go full out festive, put little Christmas boxes on the steps leading up the top.

Wrap your front door like a present

Get in some wrapping practice before you wrap the gifts you’re giving out by wrapping your front door to make it look like a Christmas present of your own.

It’s a pretty straightforward job, with you only needing to get some fabric, a large bow, duct tape and a heavy duty magnet. 

Use a pair of scissors to cut the fabric to size, after measuring it first, and then wrap the door with it, taping it down securely. You will need the heavy duty magnet to keep the bow in place.

If you need a nicer looking front door in the New Year, now would be a good time to order one from Mid Wales Windows. Let us quote you for it here.

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