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How To Give Your Home A Modern Makeover In 3 Simple Steps

How to modernise your entrance

We all want to make a good first impression whether it’s at a new job or simply meeting someone for the first time. First impressions are also very important when it comes to our homes. Everyone wants their neighbours or guests to feel welcomed when entering our homes.

Modernising our home’s entrance can not only add to the value of the property, but can also give visitors and family alike a pleasant entrance upon returning home.

The front door is the easiest way to make a lasting impression

Replacing your outdated front door with one of Mid Wales’ stylish, modern doors is a great way to make an immediate impact.

Boost your home’s kerb appeal as well as the entire exterior look of your property with a contemporary new front door.

Colour plays a large role in how modern your entrance looks, so it is not to be overlooked. For a more contemporary feel, grey is the way to go whereas white doors are much more traditional. Additionally, there is an option for dual-coloured doors which can have a classic colour on the inside to match your existing decorating scheme, and grey on the outside to complement your fresh, modern exterior look.

Wide range of colours

Add plants to take your entrance to the next level

Adding a modern flare to your home’s entrance doesn’t have to empty your pocket book. Frame your entrance with plants is a cost effective way to keep your modern entrance looking inviting.

One on-trend idea is to symmetrically place neatly pruned topiary trees on either side of your doorway.

Keep in mind that for a modern look you want to keep it simple. Minimalism is definitely the way to go for 2022, so you do not want to overdo it with plantings. Simply feature two plants placed strategically at your home’s entrance for the perfect inviting and modern feel.

Dress your door

Modern entrance accessories

Mid Wales has a wide array of contemporary furniture such as unique handles and door knockers to give your entrance some extra aesthetic appeal.

Unlike traditional knockers which often featured over the top looks such as animal shapes, modern trends keep it simple. Think understated such as a bar or chrome ring for the perfect modern accessory to add to your front door.

One very on-trend accessory is to place an oversized number plate on the wall beside your door or directly on the door.

Finishing touches

As with everything involving modernising your entrance, the main idea is simplicity. Utilise a new door with an on-trend colour palette, a uniquely shaped plant and contemporary, yet understated accessories for the perfect modern entrance to your home.

No matter if you prefer a traditional or modern feel to your home’s entrance, all of our doors will provide you with modern quality and performance. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote for secure and energy efficient doors that will last for yours to come.

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