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Are You In Need Of A More Energy Efficient Home?

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It won’t matter too much right now if your home has a poor overall energy efficiency rating as it’s nice and warm and you’re not so reliant on your heating. 

But problems will come once the weather starts to cool down and we get closer to winter – you will begin to feel it indoors and your energy bills will rise sharply. 

Not many people know the current energy efficiency rating of their home. Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will give you this information and it will be rated from A-G.

You should have a copy of this document somewhere as it’s required to sell or rent out any property. 

If you don’t have an EPC, you need an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to come out and do an energy audit of your house so that one can be produced. Click here to find accredited Domestic Energy Assessors in your area. 

Homes with an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, or on the cusp of it, will usually feature these energy-saving measures: 

Double or triple glazed windows and doors

If your home is leaking out heat, your old windows and doors will be partly to blame – inefficient windows and doors can cause 25% of overall heat loss. 

Get them taken out and replaced with double or triple glazed windows and doors to restrict heat loss. For a quality window replacement, have a look at our UPVC Extreme windows. Not only are they A+ energy rated as standard, but they’re also fully endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and satisfy Secured by Design standards. 

With new windows and doors fitted, you could save around £170 a year on energy.

Eco-friendly boiler

Boilers are also energy labelled with an ErP (Energy related Products Directive) rating so that you can identify their energy efficient standards. Most modern boilers have an ‘A’ rating. 

Your old boiler won’t run as efficiently as a new model, and old boilers have a knack of breaking down at the worst possible time. 

The Energy Saving Trust has found that upgrading to an A-rated boiler can lead to an annual energy saving of around £340, so don’t be put off by the cost of buying one. 

Is Your Boiler Eco-Friendly

Loft insulation

If you live in a badly insulated home, you will be losing a lot of heat through your roof – possibly as much as a quarter of the heat it produces. 

Filling your loft, attic or roof space with loft insulation will reduce the problem and it costs very little to buy. Some people will have the skill to fit insulation themselves, but you can get an approved insulation installer to install it for you. Find one near your home on the National Insulation Association website. 

Loft insulation can work effectively for 40 years or more. 

Mid Wales can make your home more energy efficient in no time with products like our UPVC Extreme range. Get a FREE quote for them now. 

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