Proposed Secure Measures For Home Security Awareness Month

Proposed Secure Measures For Home Security Awareness Month

As daylight hours dwindle with the approach of winter, burglary rates across Wales are on the rise, taking advantage of the longer, darker nights that provide thieves with more anonymity.

Recent research by security experts, ADT, reveals that 76.5% of residents in the region are increasingly concerned about home safety during the autumn season.

In its 10th consecutive year, October marks the annual observance of Home Security Awareness Month. The initiative’s official website now offers a postcode checker, allowing you to assess the safety of your neighbourhood.

The statistics for your area may prompt you to bolster your home’s security. At Mid Wales, we offer a range of products to significantly enhance your safety, helping you feel more secure.


In the majority of break-ins (76% in England and Wales, as per ONS), burglars gain access through doors. Most often, they employ lock snapping as a method to unlawfully enter a property.

You can easily identify if your door cylinders are vulnerable to this technique – simply check if they protrude more than the depth of a £1 coin.

Our composite doors are among the sturdiest available, boasting a toughened frame, a high-security multi-point locking system, and hinges designed to withstand even crowbar attacks.

Black front door with handle bar


The ONS has also revealed that 30% of burglaries involve entry through windows. Burglars may use tools like screwdrivers, bars, or chisels to force windows open or remove glazed units.

Mid Wales’ Extreme UPVC windows are designed to thwart such intrusion attempts. Featuring 14 chambers, a 9-point locking system, robust hinges, 11 visible locking points, and internal beading, these windows provide enhanced security.

If you prefer aluminium over UPVC, our Eclipse aluminium windows offer no less protection.

Windows with in-built security

Living Spaces

When burglars face obstacles at doors and windows, they might turn their attention to home extensions.

A well-constructed conservatory or orangery, complete with a sturdy roof covering and ultra-secure windows and doors, can resist external forces and other tactics.

Our tiled or glass roof living spaces, installed by Mid Wales in the Newtown, Welshpool, Shropshire, and Mid Wales areas, come with all the security features needed to ensure your home remains a secure environment.

Living space with bi-folding doors and roof windows

Contact us to schedule a design appointment, where we can engage in a comprehensive discussion about home security and how our products can provide the protection you need.


Our made-to-measure windows and doors have the potential to change your home not just on the outside, but the inside too. From the very latest energy saving windows in maintenance free UPVC to a host of replacement doors – all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your home.


Make your home warmer, quieter and more secure by fitting our very latest energy efficient replacement windows.



Our range of replacement doors offer all the advantages of low maintenance and high levels of security for total peace of mind.



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