How To Create A Cosy Home This Festive Season

Living room at Christmas

Christmas day is around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to cosy up at home, watch a film and indulge in one too many treats.

While Christmas parties are fun, there’s nothing like being at home at Christmas time. Every household has different traditions to get themselves into the Christmas spirit, such as cracking open the mince pies and dancing around the living room to Christmas music.

The feeling that makes these moments so special is the warm, cosy feeling it creates. Let Mid Wales help you seamlessly create the feeling of cosiness this December.

Deck out your fireplace

While the tree gets plenty of recognition at Christmas, if you are lucky enough to have one, you can make your fireplace feel just as festive.

If you think wreaths are solely for front doors, you are mistaken! One of the hottest trends this year is to hang a wreath to the space above a fireplace.

You can also add a festive message of ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Ho Ho Ho’ in neon lighting to your mantel.

A Christmas-inspired fireplace

Fill bottles and jars with fairy lights

In addition to your magical time at home, you may get invited to, or host, a Christmas party or two.

We recommend you gather any used wine bottles or jars (with the permission of the host, of course!) and fill them with fairy lights. You will need to remove any trace of the labels, clean them and carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the bottles to thread some LED lights through.

This will make a festive and affordable arrangement to place on window sills and tables!

A glass bottle with fairy lights

Hang photos of treasured Christmas memories

Nothing creates the feeling of cosiness more than being surrounded by loved ones at Christmas.

Reminisce about past Christmases by showcasing special festive memories around your house. You can create personalised baubles, snow globes or create some wall art with polaroid pictures, like this.

The photo memories will ensure you feel closest to your nearest and dearest this Christmas.

Polaroid pictures
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