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Home Makeover Trends For Summer 2022

Summer Trends

We can easily understand why you may have decided not to go abroad this summer with rising living costs to pay for and huge queues at most of our airports.

You can just relax at home during your time off instead and perhaps use some of it to update your property to refresh its look and inject value into it.

If you like this idea, we have some insight into the latest home trends and we can reveal that they are mostly focused on creating tranquil indoor surroundings.

Self-care spaces

Feeling mentally fatigued right now? Doing the things you enjoy most will improve your well-being, like your favorite hobbies.

Yoga is great for mind and body and you could practice it at home in a new extension, or if reading helps you to unwind, take your books to a cozy little reading spot close to a large window like those you can find at https://bestaluminiumwindows.co.uk/. And if you are planning to replace your windows, you may contact professional companies like Bordner Home Improvement to help you out.

Want a serene space to switch off in? A spa-like bathroom or a poolside tub will give you that as you take a soak, and we recommend adding privacy glazing to it. If you’re having problems with your hot tub, you may look for a hot tub electrician in Charlotte, NC to do the necessary repairs. If it’s a broken and running toilet that you’re dealing with, contact a reliable plumber straight away. You may also need drain cleaning services like these drain repair services in Shoreline, WA to prevent your drains from getting clogged.

If your air conditioner won’t cool your house when running, its components may be malfunctioning. Check out here why is my ac blowing hot air post for some of the best solutions you can make! Don’t hesitate to call a technician who provide HVAC services in Virginia Beach, VA to have your unit inspected and provide professional air conditioning and heating maintenance service. Efficiency Heating and Cooling Company is a great Portland HVAC company.

A lady in a conservatory

Biophilic design

A biophilic design is when you establish a connection between an indoor and outdoor environment, blurring their margin between the two. This can reputedly ease stress in people and make homes seem bigger than they are.

It needs your home to capitalise on more natural light and ventilation.

The installation of one of our feature doors would help with that, such as a bi-folding door or sliding patio door, with their huge depth of glass and incredible openings.

A seated area next to an extension

Green finishes

You feel so refreshed when in a green environment and it can leave you in an almost zen-type psyche – it really can have a powerful effect on us.

Any absence of a green colour at home can be remedied with the fitting of new windows and doors in a green shade.

A window with a green finish

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