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Enhance Your Home With A Bright Colour Scheme

How to use colour in your home

We are all desperately awaiting brighter days. With the clocks going forward at the end of March, we still have a little while to go until evening sunsets become a regular occurrence.

But instead of simply wishing February away, you can use colour to create a lighter, warmer atmosphere in your home.

Add colour to your home in the following ways:

Colourful windows & doors 

Colour has the power to transform and completely change the mood of a space.

One of the simplest ways to add colour to your home is to select a coloured finish for your windows and doors. Mid Wales has a wide variety of colours to choose from and you can finish the look with some bold curtains or blinds. 

If you want to create a feeling of warmth in your home, choose a colour like mahogany rather than white, cream or ivory.

Colourful window treatments

Colourful paint

A feature wall, bookcase or TV stand – whatever you decide to paint, a lick of paint can make a big impact in your home. 

Use the science of the colour wheel to find the perfect colour scheme. Avoid clashing colours that are opposite each other, such as yellow and blue together.

Instead, you’ll find colours that harmonise with each other sitting adjacent on the wheel. Choose your colour scheme wisely as each colour has certain benefits, such as how the adjacent colours of blue, green and cyan can give homes a calm feeling.

Colourful paint

Colourful accessories

Why not try out a whole host of colours? You can keep neutral decor and alternate your accessories depending on the mood you want to achieve.

Cushions, rugs and blankets can be switched regularly so you’ll never get bored of one colour scheme again.

Colourful accessories

Download our brochure here – you’ll be blown away by Mid Wales’ variety of colour options for your windows and doors.

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