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3 Of The Best Ways To Improve A Home For Winter

Unless you had a crystal ball or strong psychic powers, you would never have expected to have been forced to spend so much time at home for much of 2020.

But you would expect to be at home a lot over the winter any way, and whilst you’re in your living space for a lengthy period, it would seem a missed opportunity not to somehow enhance your home.

Do it effectively, and it’s sale price could significantly rise. You will also get a kick out of making changes that you love. 

With winter lurking, here are 3 home improvement ideas that will warm up the house:

Install new carpet 

Constant traffic in your house can take its toll on your flooring, leaving your current carpets looking tired and worn. Have them taken out and replaced with brand-new thick, plush carpets. 

It will feel so much warmer underfoot, and in general as carpet is known to be a great insulating material. By enhancing warmth, it will also make you less reliant on energy, and you will notice that rooms feel much quieter because of how it absorbs sound. 

Freshen up your walls

You have had much time to stare at your four walls lately and may have noticed that a certain colour scheme could do with being updated, or that some paintwork now looks untidy. A quick repainting of the walls will solve that problem!

It’s best to do any repainting when it’s dry outside because you can then open some windows to help the drying process. The more of you that do it, the faster it will be completed, giving you a new-look room in no time.

Buy new windows and doors

The wisest thing to do this winter is to prepare for the worst, so that if the weather turns extremely cold, you won’t feel a bit of it indoors. Ready the house with the installation of energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors to keep the cold at bay. 

Get a trusted window and door installer to remove any old windows and doors as it’s highly unlikely they will be providing sufficient insulation.

To see what sort of windows and doors you could replace them with, request a copy of our Windows and Doors brochure and speak to Mid Wales Windows.

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