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What It Takes To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door


When a first-time visitor comes to your house, they usually won’t look past your front door. By that we mean they will probably decide if they like it or not solely on the look of your entrance. 

This tells you that you ought to give your front door lots of attention, just like the many people who post photos of their front doors on Instagram. 

Look at the hashtags #frontdoor and #frontdoors on the social media site and you will see some truly spectacular front doors. 

Your own front door can be just as Insta-worthy, if you get all of the necessary touches right:

Coloured finish

Every front door needs a fetching coloured finish. Householders largely prefer grey, black and white-coloured doors as they have universal appeal, so remember that when repainting a front door or buying a new one. 

You do have plenty of other colour options though, such as Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue or Rich Plum, if you want to make a really bold statement. 

Think twice about choosing anything too extreme for fear of it frightening people!

A purple front door

Door wreath

When looking at the many snaps of front doors on Instagram, you will notice that many of the most popular of them have a door wreath on display. 

You could try and make a summer door wreath with your own fair hands, referring to the Internet for how to do it, or do the easier thing and just purchase a real or fake premade wreath. 

Whether making or buying a summer door wreath, it needs to include colours of red, orange and pink.

A door wreath


Along with putting a door wreath on display, a lot of Instagrammers like to have planters situated next to their front door. 

Very often, they will use twin potted bay trees and there’s no question that these do have a tendency to draw your eyes to a door, more than one without them. 

This type of planter isn’t too much of a hassle, in terms of watering, but it will need feeding every now and again, as well as a good pruning.

A black front door

We have a shedload of Insta-worthy replacement doors in our range. Click here to see everything that Mid Wales has to offer.

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