3 Things That Will Make Your House More Sellable

Grey-coloured windows

In September, we saw the number of homes sold in the UK drop by nearly 40%, and there’s pessimism about the housing market next year, with Nationwide predicting an 8-10% fall in house prices.

This isn’t what you’re wanting to hear if you have a desire to sell your home, but there are still buyers out there and if your home appeals to them enough. If you hire plumbers to make sure everything is everything is in full working order, along with any other professionals you might need to have your property up to speed there’s every chance you will manage to secure a sale. At that point you would have done a lot more than other sellers would have done, which will make your property that much more enticing. You may also want take out a refurbishment bridging loan if you can’t afford these repairs.

Do the necessary groundwork first. Complete all the necessary repairs, cleaning such as a chimney sweep, and upgrades. For instance, if you suspect that there are leaks in your plumbing system, contact a residential plumbing or plumbers that are capable of looking for leaks and conducting the necessary plumbing repair.

Sort all the paperwork

You don’t want red tape to hold up a sale or even cause it to be cancelled, which could well happen if you’re unable to supply the paperwork that a buyer’s solicitor will request from you.

So, ensure that you have the land registry documents and property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If your windows have been replaced in the last few years, you should have received a FENSA or CERTASS certificate, and you’re also likely to be in receipt of planning permission and building regulations certificates if an extension has been added to the house.


Add more light inside

It’s space that many buyers look for and you can monopolise light to make your interior feel more spacious than it presently does.

The light of the sun needs to be able to easily travel through your windows, so keep the glass spotlessly clean, and have mirrors reflect the light that comes in.

Be sure to also have lots of light colours in your rooms, get your light fittings right, move anything that’s blocking light, see if you can rearrange furniture to create more space and invest in a large sliding door, such as a bi-folding door, or skylight.

The interior of a house

Install stylish new windows

The look of your windows is so vital, as confirmed by a HomeOwners Alliance survey, which found that 71% of people rate “Windows in good condition (no signs of rot or flaking paint)” as the top kerb appeal feature.

Unless your windows are anything but a 10 out of 10, aesthetically, we would consider getting them replaced and doing so with our UPVC or aluminium designs.

They have weather-resistant finishes and will keep their looks without you needing to constantly maintain the frames. You’ll never experience any rotting or flaking with them.

The exterior of a house


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