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Are You Going To Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof?

No customer wants their solid roof installation to be held up by red tape. They just want it done so that they can recommence using their extension back like they used to. 

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But, unfortunately, compliance with current planning laws is essential and it must be determined whether a solid roof needs planning permission before any work on fitting it begins. 

If you decide to plough on regardless, you risk causing a planning breach, which can raise all sorts of complications. 

We don’t want that to happen to any customer. So, if you’re looking to get a solid roof, here’s how to stay within the rules. 


  • When you are switching from a traditional glass or polycarbonate translucent roof to a solid roof, you will have to obtain Building Regulatory Approval. 


  • Put the roofing system past your local Building Control Officer first. They may instruct you to make certain changes to the system to make it conform with the relevant guidelines. For instance, you could be asked to have roof and trickle vents added for ventilation reasons. 


  • Making the change from a glass roof to a solid roof could cause a “change of use”. What this means is that the new roof will turn a previously temporary extension into a permanent structure, which will more than likely need planning permission. 


  • When your conservatory was originally installed, it might have needed planning approval. If you will be removing a translucent roof for a solid roof, you will probably have to obtain planning permission and make a full building regulations application. 


  • Can you remember if the conservatory was constructed under Permitted Development Rights? It may lose its Permitted Development status when you want to upgrade to a solid roof, meaning that planning permission must be obtained.


It’s a lot of information to take in, but there is plenty of guidance available to assist you.

Your local authority building control team is a good port of call for support. Visit the LABC website to locate the team you need to speak to. The LABC is responsible for delivering impartial and professional building control services throughout Wales.

Mid Wales Windows is also fully clued up on solid roofs as we supply a variety of them. 

Contact us and ask us what you need to know.  





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