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3 Home Improvement Projects That Are Known To Decrease The Value Of A Home

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

When you are looking to improve your home, one of the biggest motivations for doing so should be the desire to increase its resale price. 

You may have read a blog post we wrote in January which offered some current trend ideas that you could copy in your own space to inject value into the property. 

What wouldn’t be good was if you did something that had the reverse effect and caused the valuation of your home to decrease, rather than increase. 

We want to help you avoid that by giving you some examples of ‘improvements’ that will often do more harm than good.

Getting rid of a bedroom

There may be less people living in your house now than there were originally, leaving a bedroom going spare. 

It would make sense to use this space, rather than have it empty. And it definitely wouldn’t be in your interests to completely lose this bedroom by knocking through it, or anything like that. 

A 4-bedroom house becoming a 3-bedroom house, for example, is highly likely to see its value significantly drop.


Too much re-carpeting

There’s no issue with replacing any worn out carpet in certain rooms, but you have to be careful about re-carpeting the whole house with exactly the same new carpet. 

What may look like a tasteful carpet to you, may not be to someone else, and if it’s all around the house, it’s going to cost a new buyer a lot to replace it.

It would be safer to just re-carpet when definitely needed, rather than have a complete flooring overhaul.

Carpeted area

Having a lawn taken out

Gardening has become a hobby for lots of people over the last year, but it may not be something you’re too overly fussed about.

This may lead you to consider removing your lawn. Please don’t do that though as it’s omission could devalue the house and give it less buyer appeal.

If you are insistent that it has to go, we recommend replacing it with an artificial lawn. It will look virtually identical, and not require anywhere close to the same amount of maintenance.

Garden swing

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