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3 Red-Hot Home Trends For 2021

Have you set yourself some sort of ambitions for the New Year? Perhaps you’re going to take up a new hobby, or 2021 will be when you finally get around to improving your house. 

You certainly won’t be the only person who plans to have a home makeover, if that’s one of your foremost targets this year. 

Do you know what you’d like to do, or how it would be best improved?

If not, Mid Wales Windows has done some research to find out what 2021’s biggest home trends will be to provide you with some inspiration.


You could establish a new theme in your home, and right now, it’s the cottagecore aesthetic that many are turning to, a very comforting look. 

But what is cottagecore? It’s very much inspired by the countryside lifestyle, somewhere we associate with farmlife, gorgeous greenery and cosy little cottages. 

The theme can easily be incorporated into your home environment. Just put out your best china on your dressing table, install a farmhouse table in the kitchen and bring in floral prints and patterns.

Home Offices

Millions of workers have had to work from home over the last year, and they will have to continue doing that for the next few months. 

This has triggered an increase of interest in home offices from those who want a permanent workspace at home that caters for their working needs just as successfully as their conventional office. 

Most home office suppliers will let you create a bespoke design, giving you input into every aspect of it so that it can be truly personalised.


First it was the selfie, and now it’s the era of the ‘shelfie’. 

The mobile phone mug shot has been ditched for the close-up camera shot of an attractive shelf covered in various pretty items, ranging from coloured candles and porcelain to glassware and ceramics. 

But don’t just think you can just throw anything on your shelf for it to be loved online. It needs to be well-arranged and nicely colour-coordinated ahead of a photo of it being posted on social media.

If you need the expert help of a home improvement company, speak to Mid Wales Windows. FREE quotes are available for all of our products.

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