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3 Questions You Must Think About When Planning To Extend With A Conservatory

Things to think about when extending your home

If your home is on the small side, other than heading out for a short walk somewhere, you have been pretty limited over the past few months as to where you can go to get some space. 

You would have found it useful to have a conservatory so that you could go and shut yourself off in private for a short time. 

Why not plan ahead with something like that now and extend your house! 

Mid Wales can create a conservatory for all house types and it will be worth its weight in gold, as it will inject so much extra room. 

But don’t proceed with an installation until you have thought deeply about these 3 points:

Is planning permission going to be required?

The absolute last thing you want to do is contravene planning laws – it can cause all sorts of headaches. 

If the conservatory design you want meets the limits and conditions to be considered a Permitted Development, you will not need to submit a planning application. 

To find out what the situation is with planning permission for your proposed conservatory, get in touch with your local planning authority, and also enquire about building regulations approval.

An extension with planning permission

What is your budget?

Like anything, what you can get will come down to how much money you can afford to spend on a conservatory. 

You need to get a calculator out whilst you go through your finances so that you can figure out a budget for the project. 

Once we have been notified of your budget, it will help us to go away and come up with designs that meet your budget, and then present them so that you can see what’s possible.

An extension with French doors

Is there value in extending with a conservatory?

Almost inevitably there will be as research regularly shows that the addition of a conservatory can increase the value of a house by at least 5% or so. 

How much value exactly will be dependent on a series of things, including how expansive the extension is, the level of detailing it has, which part of Wales you live in etc. 

A well-designed and well-insulated conservatory can also attract buyers, which will be useful for you if you ever put the property on the market.

A black and white conservatory

Get the full rundown of the service provided by Mid Wales Windows for conservatory installations here.

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