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Homespiration - How To Make Your Home A Sensational Setting

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You can always get more out of your home somehow. By that, we mean that it has potentials that have yet to be discovered, and it’s just a case of using the imagination in your head to realise them. 

It will also require some TLC and DIY to create a new look inside your four walls, and outside of them too if you want to include your garden in your home improvement plans. 

If you’re short on ideas of what you can do, you can always look towards home influencers for ‘Homespiration’. 

That’s what we have done to be able to offer you a few of our own pieces of ‘Homespiration’:

Plan for open-plan

The home lifestyle has evolved so much over the last few decades, with most British homes now having an open-plan layout within them, typically used as a kitchen-diner-living space. 

Don’t presume you would have to move to get an open-plan space. You could well remodel your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached property to establish an open-plan area and what will turn out to be the most functional and interactive room in the house. 

It needs a certain type of atmosphere in an open-plan space to make it extra special and for it to provide practicality all-round. Ensure it is wonderfully bright and spacious, and offers a private and cosy feel.

Create a seat by a window

Trying to get some time to yourself will be easier said than done for many people, but just a few minutes away from things is enough.

In winter, you could get it from sitting in a favourite armchair next to the fire. For the summer, take a seat at one of your windows, situated in a peaceful spot. 

A seat can be made up at a window where there is space under it for either a bench or trunk. Put a padded base on this bench or trunk and a couple of cushions so that you can have a read of a good book or catch-up on the latest gossip in a celeb magazine.

Try zoning your garden

Normally around this time we would all be planning our summer holidays, but it seems as though we will be holidaying at home this summer. 

You don’t need to fly away for some fun anyway if you have your garden well set up for plenty of outdoor activities. For those bigger gardens, we would recommend splitting them into three dedicated areas, with zones reserved for al fresco eating, playing and relaxing. 

With the weather we’ve been experiencing recently, you could easily have all your meals outside, and you want the kids to have lots of space to play around, without it infringing on other parts of the garden.

Come the end of each of your days ‘away’, use the relaxing zone for doing some camping, with tents and sleeping bags all ready for everyone turning in for the night.

Mid Wales Windows still has a Virtual Appointment system in place if you’d like our help to enable you to accomplish your ‘Homespirations’. 

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