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Stopping Condensation And How This Phenomena Is Caused

Now or in the past, you will have at some point pulled back your curtains in the morning and been faced with the sight of condensation all over your windows. 

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It’s such an ugly thing to look at and you just want rid of it, one way or the other. 

Knowing how it happens will perhaps go some towards helping you see it less often or not at all, and it’s simple – it’s all to do with the absence of ventilation in your house. 

Without an extractor fan, or if you neglect to open a window when taking a hot shower or cooking in the kitchen, the warm air lingers and causes a build-up of moisture.

Once this moisture hits the cold glass of a window and the dew point falls, beads of water develop on the surface. 

If you stand back and let condensation become a recurrence, it can lead to the development of mould and damp, which is not good for our health. Structural damage can eventually occur too, which is why you should always wipe away any condensation with a towel, each time it appears.

Improving ventilation at home is the best solution and it will also help when you upgrade from single glazed windows to energy efficient double or triple glazed windows. 

Because they have a warmer profile, there’s less potential for internal condensation.

However, you might get some external condensation, but that doesn’t mean your new windows are faulty or you’ve wasted your money. 

It’s actually a positive sign as it demonstrates that they are performing as they’re meant to.  Anyhow, it won’t be there for long. When a slight breeze or the sun meets the glass, the condensation will fast evaporate. 


If you go to our Helpful Guides section, you will find a document all about condensation that the team at Mid Wales Windows has produced. You can download it for FREE and use the information to help you fight against it. 


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