Mid Wales’ Guide To Saving Energy In Your Home

Lower energy usage

Despite the recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the energy crisis, many households will still struggle to pay their energy bills this winter.

Liz Truss declared that a household who uses a ‘medium’ amount of energy will not pay more than £2,500 per year in energy bills for at least the next two years.

Which? has estimated that this will save UK homes an average of £1000. However, energy bills are still double what they were about a year ago, so it’s understandable that many households are feeling little sense of relief.

In order to help you keep your finances afloat, Mid Wales have put together a short energy efficiency guide on ways you can reduce your energy usage.

Take shorter showers

Sometimes it’s tempting to take long, hot showers, especially in winter, but in order to save energy, reducing your shower time can make a big difference to your bills.

The recommended shower length to hydrate the skin without overdoing it is a 5 to 10 minute shower. To prevent you from going over the time, make a 7 minute Spotify playlist.

Shower head

Make use of your washing line

There has been very little rain this summer compared to previous years, so let’s hope this trend continues into autumn and beyond! Drying your clothes on a washing line can significantly lower your energy usage as a tumble dryer is extremely expensive to run.

You should also minimise the number of laundry loads you do a week – instead, do one or two larger loads! It also helps if you only use your washing machine like this Euronics washing machine here at certain times of the day, such early in the morning or late in the evening as less people are using energy at these times.

Washing on a line

Invest in energy-efficient windows & doors

The most impactful way to save on your energy bills is to reduce your heating costs. If you have had your windows and doors for some time, or your windows are only single glazed, this could be having a negative effect on the amount of energy you are using.

Consider having energy efficient windows installation and doors that work exceptionally well at retaining heat within your home, so you will rely less and less on your expensive heating systems.

Energy efficient windows and doors

To a home that’s cheaper to heat, all you need to do is replace your poorly insulated windows and doors.


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