Save Money And Help Protect The Environment With Double Glazing

Over the last ten years the cost of gas and electricity has increased at an alarming rate. Every time we open our utility bills the cost seems to be increasing. Coupled with this we are all becoming more aware of global warming and the negative effects our energy consumption is having on the planet. These factors are leading many people to take stock and consider their households consumption levels. Although it is highly publicised the effect of transportation on the environment our homes are also huge contributors to carbon emissions. In our homes generating heat to keep them warm is by far the biggest use of energy. Therefore if we can cut down on the amount of heat that we need to generate to keep our homes warm we can save money and help to protect the environment.

Up to 25% of the heat generated in a home can be lost through inefficient windows and doors. However by installing ‘A’ rated energy efficient double glazed windows and doors you can reduce the amount of heat lost considerably. As the name suggests double glazing works by having two panes of glass which are sealed together in a unit. A small gap is left between the two panes of glass which is filled with a special gas. It is this gap which acts as an insulator and helps to keep the heat locked inside the property. As less heat is escaping from your property you are able to turn your heating down helping to protect the environment and save you money.

By far the most popular type of frames for double glazing are uPVC frames. These are highly energy efficient as there are no gaps for draughts. They are also very low maintenance, timber framed windows and doors need to be treated every few years to prevent them from rotting and warping. Whereas with uPVC frames there is no such maintenance required simply wash them with a cloth and warm soapy water from time to time and they will stay looking great for many years to come.

If you are keen to save money on your gas and electricity bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home then you should take the time out to consider installing A rated energy efficient double glazed uPVC windows and doors.

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